Sunday, February 15, 2009

Richard Gere, forsale in the Hamptons

I love this time of year. Real estate listings for the Hamptons seem to pop up every where. Today we have a 7 bedroom home that belongs to Richard Gere in Water Mill for $8.8 million. Not too many impressive interior shots, the rooms seem small and oddly decorated. And much to my bathroom shots but I did include the kitchen. I love how when I saw the picture of the front of the house, I thought, um, kinda small, then I saw the side view...whoa thats a big house. I do love the property and the location. I imagine more Hamptons properties to be listed with the economic crises hitting those with billions too! I even read about a property being listed as a summer rental, in the Hamptons, for $900,000. Can't remember where I saw that but I will investigate!

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