Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jennifer Aniston

OK, she is really not my favorite actress, I loved Friends but she was just OK in it. Now, I think she looks AMAZING, these pics of her in Vogue were stunning and considering some of the candid pics out there of her and her body, I don't think these are too airbrushed. I do give her a lot of credit for the whole Brangelina thing, that had to suck and I think she handled it with such grace and composer, because lets face it girls, we may not have been that mature. I may have drove to Angelina's house and cursed her out and maybe even egged her house, just to get even and really, it makes you feel better, sometimes! Oh, and I have a huge crush on John Mayer, I like them as a couple and I really just want her to be happy.

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