Monday, December 1, 2008

Chef groupie

I do hope you know who these guys are, I am kinda obsessed with each and every one of them! The first guy is Daniel Boulod and I have been lucky enough to eat at his restaurant in Vegas in the Wynn Hotel and it is so awesome. He also had a great show on a High Def channel called After Hours, where he would go to random restaurants and invite people to come have after hours parties, it was so awesome!
I have also been lucky enough to eat at Bobby Flays restaurants in NY and Vegas, I think he is so cute and I love his food!
Obsessed with Anthony Bourdain and his show on the Food Network! I think there is something so sexy about this guy! I have not eaten at his restaurant yet, but let me tell you it is on the list!
Last but not least, Mario Batali. Again, and I guess it sounds like all I do is talk about going out to eat, but I ate at his restaurant too, here in NY and he is a true culinary genius! I saw him at the REM concert at Jones Beach this summer, and it was my bday and I nearly had a heart attack. I could see his orange crocs from miles away and I knew it was him!

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