Sunday, December 28, 2008

Everybody's Doing It

OK, so yes this is kinda silly, but it does seem like everyone is getting married next year. I am in 2 weddings and I have a friend who got engaged Christmas Eve and another who is about to be proposed to on New Years Eve. So all of this just gets a girl wishing and dreaming. This is all so silly for me because I am so pathetically single, but still, there is jewelry involved and that my dears is never silly.

I love sapphires (I get that from my mom) so I know there would have to be sapphires, I love the 3 stone rings, even though a friend has that, I used to love emerald cut and ascher cut and I love the dainty micro pave wedding band, especially because I want a big chunky ring...I love the contrast.

I think the winner is ring number #6. The big beautiful 3 stone sapphire. Luckily for my future husband, I have small hands. The one pictured is a whooping 8.28 carats of sapphires and 2 carats of diamonds, for $49,500, which would take up my entire hand. I guess I can leave the details up to the buyer! And really, husband to be, any of the above pictured would do just fine!

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