Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Disney Magic

Last week I spent 3 days in Disney with my family. It was a great trip, starting with Al Sharpton on my flight going and seeing the space shuttle (the fire that propels the shuttle) sitting at the gate waiting to come home.
Here's a secret for you...get to Disney early, before it even opens. Every morning they invite 1 family in, you meet the characters and then stand on the balcony and open/invite everyone in at opening time. It was such a treat, maybe even more so for the adults, I think my sister cried when she met Mary Poppins. You get a pic and a certificate that makes it official, stating that you are the family of the day. It was well worth getting up at 5:45am.
Also, when I was physically in Disney, I got a job offer! No, not to be DUMBO, but an honest to goodness job offer. I was thrilled and accepted!

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