Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blogs I am loving!

Here is a list of my recent obsession blogs. Since I have been a student and out of work for about a year now (I am starting my new job December 1st, even in a recession I landed a job, more to come on that later), anywho...I have developed a morning routine:
1. Check my email, all 3 accounts
2. Check Perez
3. Check Luxist
4. Check the financials-my bank account and AMEX
5. Check the following blogs, listed alphabetically since that is the way bookmarking does it...
cakeordeath, chicgirlstyle, coco+kelley, harmonyandhome, littleblackbook, littlewinterbride, OhsoRB, pumpkinplaid, saipua, snippetandink, stylemepretty, tastefullyentertaining, the citysage, and {frolic}.
So, thank you to all you bloggers out there for keeping me inspired and distracted!
You may have noticed all the wedding blogs and wonder why, well, I do get a ton of ideas/inspirations from them but 2 dear friends are getting married next year (more on that to come) and since I am a merry maid for both...

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